Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Clinton's legacy ruined!

Clinton says Bush ruined legacy in a speech given in the democratic national convention on Monday.

"The president had an amazing opportunity [after September 11] to bring the country together under his slogan of compassionate conservatism and to unite the world in the struggle against terror. Instead, he and his congressional allies made a very different choice," Mr. Clinton said.

"They chose to use that moment of unity to try to push the country too far to the right and to walk away from our allies," he said.
Mr. Clinton, who received a rapturous reception on the first night of the four-day convention, said Mr. Bush walked away from the Democrat's legacy on the environment, public safety and education.

Clinton has been trying to figure out a way to convince everyone that he had left us a legacy from his presidency (a positive one, that is). I guess it begs the question: Don't you have to have one in order to have it ruined?