Monday, January 03, 2005

Teenagers' Abortions Are None Of Their Parents' Business

Schools across the country can't even give a child an aspirin without parental notifications but my great state of California has just made it illegal to notify parents if a child needs to leave school for "confidential medical treatment" which includes anything from a drug test to an abortions. FoxNews has the story.

State Attorney Gen. Bill Lockyer, a Democrat, said the legislation was meant for the small number of children coping with rape or incest who probably wouldn’t be able to talk to a parent but need some way to seek help.

If this law is truly to help in only these two cases, then why not restrict the law to only those cases. The fact is, this is a way to sidestep parental rights. The more "enlightened" people out there feel that they know better how to raise our children than we do. They're trying to push their policies on our kids regardless of how their parents feel about it.

If a child has a problem of this magnitude, the parents should be informed. The school district should not be accomplices in the deception of parents. Even in the cases of rape or incest the parents need to know. In those two specific cases, not only do the parents have to know but the police as well. There is nothing in a teenagers life that should be kept secret from their parents. If they have been the victim of a heinous crime such as incest or rape and the parents are the offenders, then they need to go to law enforcement for help. In no way should the schools be part of this. This is nothing more than a back-door way to erode parental rights and "protect" our children from more conservative ideals that parents might have and promote a more "liberal" agenda.