Thursday, July 29, 2004

Swiftboat vets speak out

Laura Ingram, this morning, interviewed Bob Elder, a former swiftboat commander in Vietnam during the time the John Kerry's time there and a member of Swiftboat Veterans For Truth

John Edwards began his speech, last night, with stories of Kerry's heroic actions when he saved a crew member from the river.  According to Lt. Elder, it was a whole lot less exciting than it sounded.  He reported that to have men fall overboard on acceleration was not all that uncommon and they would regularly need to go back and pick them up.  On this occasion, that's what happened.  The biggest difference is, there was no enemy in the area.  There was no enemy fire, nothing.  All that happened was the man fell overboard, he turned the boat around, and they went and picked him up.  If this is the best example of decisive leadership Kerry has, it's pretty sad. 

Lt. Elder related that from the moment Kerry arrived, he told everyone that he was grooming himself to be President.  That's why he volunteered for Vietnam service and that's why he volunteered for swiftboat command.  He wanted to be like JFK in his PT-109.  As soon as he was able to check that off his list, he left after only a 4 month tour of duty while most everyone else had 12 month tours.

From their website,, you can see other interviews and the real story about Kerry's time in Vietnam.