Friday, August 20, 2004

O'Neill OpEd part 3

Part 3 of John O'Neill's OpEd is in the Washington Times today. He summarizes his feelings in the last two paragraphs:

John Kerry's name tossed around as "president" and "commander in chief" summoned many of us Swiftees from long political slumber - from games with grandchildren or feet by the fire - to render one last service to the nation.

That service is the hard task of informing an uninformed America - against the wishes of a media sympathetic to Kerry and his myth - of John Kerry's total unfitness to command our armed forces or lead our nation. We are our own small "band of brothers," resolved to sound the alarm.

It's criminal how these men are being treated simply because they oppose John Kerry. The media invites them to their shows simply to shout them down and not let them make their points. John Kerry and the DNC threaten them and television stations with lawsuits if they run their ads. Bookstores refuse to carry O'Neill's book even though it's number one on Amazon and number 2 on the New York Times best selling list. Do we forget that these men are war heroes too? Do we forget that they sacrificed for their country? Or is that something that only John Kerry did? Let's show them the respect they deserve.