Monday, August 16, 2004

Kerry is Still Lying About Cambodia

A new blogger has just emerged. Thanks to a link from Hugh Hewitt, he's getting a lot of attention. Froggy Ruminations was written by a former Navy Seal whose father was also a Navy Seal in Vietnam in 1970. Here's the end of his post.

In order to get permission to conduct an illegal incursion into Cambodia by Swift boat the following must occur: 1. Extremely fresh intel of a high value target (think U.S. POW, or VC chieftain). 2. Take that intel outside the group and up to intel at a higher level (risking compromise) in order to obtain boat support from the Swifties to go into Cambodia. That is extremely unlikely to the point of absurdity.

Furthermore, neither myself or my father in law knows anyone who was inserted anywhere by a Swift boat during Vietnam. It just wasn't done. It wasn't something SEALs wanted, and it wasn't something Swifties did.

Bottom Line......Kerry is a liar.

Kerry just needs to give up the Cambodia story completely. He has recanted the part about being in Cambodia on Christmas Eve of 1968 but still claims to have taken CIA and Navy Seals into Cambodia in the early part of 1969. No matter how he tries to spin it, he can't come up with a story that gets him out of his previous lies. It's almost pathological. He should just give it up, cut his losses, and move on to November. I think his goal, at this point, is to hope that the mainstream media never picks it up so that most people won't be exposed to these lies. We'll see.