Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry's Sticking To His Guns?

What's with Kerry and grabbing these faulty reports and running with them? Now, I haven't mentioned the New York Times piece about the missing munitions because I thought it was pretty much being covered not only by the new media but by the main stream media as well. I figured it was squashed as soon as it came out. I was amazed this morning on the news to hear that Kerry is still using it in his stump speeches as late as today.

Was this supposed to be the October surprise? If so, it's backfired.

When I first heard about it, I was concerned that it was squashed so fast, that the exposure would be too limited to reflect poorly on Kerry. It looks as though Kerry's going to try and ride it anyway which, it seems to me, could only be to his detriment.

I'd really like someone to ask Kerry, "Who do you trust more, the 101st Airborne or the UN?" The answer, of course, is obvious but I wonder what he'd say.


Captains Quarters