Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Is It A Mandate?

Many pundits and bloggers are quick to point out the reasons that the President didn't get a mandate. Let's look at some of the reasons he did:

  • Bush is the first president to win a majority since 1988. This is something the left's beloved President Clinton could never muster.
  • Because of the high turnout, Bush received more popular votes than any president in history.
  • For the first time since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934, the president has strengthened his party's position in the Congress for both of his elections.
  • The first President since 1924 to re-elect majorities in the House and Senate
  • The first President since 1936 to gain seats in both the House and Senate

    And it's that last three that are the most important. People not only voted for Bush, but they also voted for the Senators and Congressmen (Congresspeople?) that holds his same ideals. This shows that the people like the Republican platform and the goals that Republicans have for our nation.

    I've never really listened to the President's weekly radio address and the rebuttal but I happened to be driving on Saturday when the local talk station broadcast (rebroadcast?) the addresses. The President talked about uniting the country and some plans he has for country. What was interesting was the rebuttal. It was given by Nancy Pelosi, the Congresswoman from California and minority leader in the House. She basically said that the Democrats want to unite the country but put it on the President to make sure it happens. In other words, she asked what will President Bush do for them. She's not the only ones. I've heard left leaning reporters and Democrats make it clear that they're not going to budge on what they want, regardless of the fact that they've lost elections all over the country including the presidency. This is amazing! Their attitude is not: Since you won, what can we do for you? It's: Since we lost, what will you do for us? The Democrats are giving no indication, whatsoever, that they're ready to cooperate with the president and with the will of the majority of the country.

    Whether it's considered a mandate or not, the fact is that President Bush has won the election. The President has made promises in the campaign that he has an obligation to fulfill now that he has been elected because he was elected based on those promises. We, the American people that elected the president, require him to stand up to his end of the bargain no matter what the losing party says or does. That's the way of democracy. If you win, you further your agenda. If you lose, your agenda gets stalled.

    Here's a short laundry list of things I'd like to see happen:

  • Appoint strict constructionist judges, judges that will interpret the constitution and not make law.
  • Move Social Security toward privatization.
  • Revamp the tax system. Specifically I support the Fair Tax.
  • Fight a strong War on Terror and fulfill our commitment to the afghans and Iraqis.
  • Make the tax cuts permanent.
  • Shrink government.