Wednesday, August 04, 2004

How long can we last?

From all reports, the plans to attack some of America's financial icons has been in the works for a very long time. Homeland Security has just uncovered enough to raise the alert and push for extra security around the targets, but how long can this last? This obviously has been long in the planning. One thing about Al Qaeda is that they're patient. We can post extra police and security guards. We can check cars for bombs. We can change security procedures, but eventually we'll have to relax. We'll have to let the extra police get back to their previous duties. Financially we can't fund an elevated level of terror indefinitely. Al Qaeda can just wait. They have nothing but time. They can wait until we no longer expect it and then strike! How can we fight that?

I don't have answers for this one. All we can do is keep striking them at home, disrupt their money supplies, kill their leaders, and pray. We can rest assured of one thing, though. They can hit our buildings but they can never kill the American spirit that is in every one of us and in the end, we will succeed. We'll succeed because this country is founded on the greatest concept in the history of civilization. We are founded on individual freedom and that all power derives from our consent. This is a very powerful ideal that can't be driven out with bombs and suicide missions. They have embarked on an impossible task that will, in the end, bruise us, but we will crush them.