Friday, August 20, 2004

Kerry Begins To Melt

Drudge has just updated his site.

Apparently Kerry has filed a complaint with FEC against the Bush campaign claiming that the Swiftboat Vets For Truth ad was put out in connection with the Bush campaign, which is illegal for a 527 group to do.

I think Kerry is finally starting to melt down. By doing this, Kerry probably hopes to cast a sinister shadow on the Bush campaign of illegal activity but what he's going to end up doing is putting more light on the Swiftboat ads then they had before. With this complaint being filed, the mainstream media is going to have to pay more attention to these men's claims. More people are going to look at the situation and think, "If they are truly lies, why is Kerry trying so hard to shut them down any way he can."

It's funny how a former Vietnam war protester that values free speech so much can work so hard to deprive others of the same right.

UPDATE: Blogs For Bush comments on how Kerry's campaign isn't exactly clean in its ties with 527s