Monday, August 23, 2004

New Ad by the Swiftboat Vets

The Swiftees have released another ad. You can view it at their site. The Kerry claims that it's part of a smear campaign coordinated with the Bush campaign.

I viewed the ad on Friday. It has audio from John Kerry's testimony before the Senate in 1971 about the atrocities that Vietnam Vets had been accused of committing. Between audio clips were members of their group stating what his testimony did to their morale especially those in the prison camps.

Kerry is livid. He's attacking this every way he can think of. He's filed a complaint with the FEC that Bush is coordinating with this independent group. He's calling on the president to denounce the group and their ads. Bush has denounced all 527 groups. He's always maintained the position that they shouldn't be a part of the election. He's been consistent on this.

Kerry wants him to denounce this particular group because of how damaging it is to him. Bush won't do it and why should he? Bush has been the victim of millions of dollars worth of 527 propaganda and hasn't said a word about it. He's never called on Kerry to denounce those ads. Apparently, it is now a requirement for Republicans to endorse or denounce every independent ad slated against the Democratic candidate while the Democrats can put out anything they want. They want it all their way because only then can they have a chance at winning elections.

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