Thursday, September 09, 2004

60 Minutes Document a Probable Fake

60 Minutes did a whole show on some supposed personal memos stating that Bush had served dishonorably in the Air National Guard. Now first of all, why did 60 minutes rush to air with these documents when not a word is said about the Swiftboat Vets for Truth's charges against Kerry.

Little Green Footballs did a little investigative work of his own. He typed out the text of one of the memos using all defaults and Times New Roman font on his Microsoft Office 2004 and then compared it to the memo from 60 Minutes. Here they are.


Office 2004:

They have identical spacing. The only difference is the "th" that is raised (something impossible to do with typewriters of the time) is slightly higher in the original but upon printing, the raised "th" matched. Then the two were superimposed.


Can there be any doubt? It's amazing that 60 minutes couldn't detect a forgery (a poor and sloppy one at that) but it took about a day for this to come out in the bloggosphere.

The thing is, why does any of this matter? What is the point? Kerry has made his Vietnam service a centerpiece of his campaign. Kerry is saying that we should vote for him because he served bravely in Vietnam and therefore can be Commander-In-Chief. He doesn't want you to look at his voting record of the past 30 years because that tells a different story. He wants everyone to focus on his war record only. That is what has brought the Swiftboats Vets out against him. Bush has never stood on his National Guard service. In fact, he's even admitted that when he was young and foolish, he was indeed young and foolish and did a lot of things he wasn't proud of but he's a different man. He's changed. We can look back and Bush's last 4 years and tell what kind of president he'll be for the next 4 years. That's what's most important in looking at Bush's past. With Kerry we should look at his record too, but he'll try and divert you from that every time in favor of his Vietnam record, which we're finding out, wasn't that great either.

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