Friday, September 03, 2004

Kerry Fights Back

John Kerry, not willing to wait more than an hour after the end of the Republican National Convention, made spoke in Ohio, finally itemizing some of the things he's going to work for as President.

To paraphrase Kerry, if you like the direction the country is heading, vote for President Bush. If you think Kerry can do better, vote for him. Seems simple enough.

If you are for protectionism and a decrease in how effectively American companies can compete, vote for Kerry.

If you are for the government simplifying regulations and getting out of companies' way so they can succeed and not be handicapped by the government, vote for Bush.

If you are for highly regulated and/or socialized health industry, vote for Kerry.

If you are for bringing health costs down through tort reform maintaining our superiority in health care, vote for Bush.

If you are for complicating the tax code even more and making sure the wealthier half of Americans pay even more taxes, vote for Kerry.

If you are for lower taxes for EVERYONE and a simplified tax code, vote for Bush.

If you are for continuous pandering to certain European countries for permission to defend itself, vote for Kerry.

If you are for America being in charge of its own defense, regardless of the opinions of other nations that do not have our best interests at heart, vote for Bush.

To me it's pretty clear. I think I'll go ahead and take John Kerry's advise and vote for Bush.


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