Monday, September 27, 2004

Mexico Wants Open Border

The Washington Times has a report concerning Mexico's new "border czar". Arturo Gonzalez Cruz, from Tijuana, would like to see the border between the US and Mexico to be open like the borders within the EU.

"I would like to see a border similar to the one that Europe has right now ... where they have common, very common objectives," he recently told reporters in Tijuana. "They have a common economy. They have policies that transcend their borders where they work with them to get it."

Of course Mexico wants an open border. That would improve Mexico and it's citizens immensely, but what will it do to the American economy? Can we rely on Mexico to make sure terrorists can't get into Mexico and therefore come into the United States? Can Mexico guarantee that it's political corruption won't bring down the economies of all three nations? Can Mexico guarantee that drug trafficking won't run rampant between the two nations? I'm sorry, but what's good for Mexico isn't always good for the US.