Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Nevermind Whether They're Authentic, Answer the Charge!

The New York Observer (via Drudge) quotes Dan Rather saying:

"With respect: answer the questions," said Dan Rather, the CBS News anchor. He was asking a direct question to President George W. Bush, his re-election campaign and his political allies in the press and on the Web. "We've heard what you have to say about the documents and what you've said and what your surrogates have said, but for the moment, answer the questions.

"I say that with respect," he added. "They'd be a lot stronger in their campaign if they did do that...."

"It's never been fully, completely denied by the Bush-Cheney campaign or even the White House that he was suspended for meeting the standards of the Air Force or that he didn't show up for a physical," he said. "The longer we go without a denial of such things - this story is true."

So let me get this straight. Anybody can come and and make any charges against the president. They can create whatever documents that suit them. They can say anything they want. They can make whatever lie furthers their cause and regardless of the authenticity of the sources, they can demand that the president answers the charges. We have all of the military records. We know that Bush was honorably discharged and that he had glowing comments made about him in the official record. What more can be said? Rather thinks that he's above actually having to bring up authentic charges against the president. If you ask me, that doesn't take courage. That takes a lack of good sense. As we all know, the truthfulness of the charge doesn't matter, it's the seriousness of the charge.


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