Thursday, August 12, 2004

Is Iran Next?

The Washington Post reports the increasing danger of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

European countries were as worried by this development as Washington, and because the United States has no relations with Iran, Europe stepped in last fall and negotiated a deal with Tehran. It was an excellent agreement, under which Iran pledged to stop developing fissile material (the core ingredient of a nuclear bomb) and to keep its nuclear program transparent. The only problem is, Iran has recently announced that it isn't going to abide by the deal. As the IAEA's investigation became more serious, Tehran became more secretive. One month ago the agency condemned Iran for its failure to cooperate. Tehran responded by announcing that it would resume work in prohibited areas....

In the face of these stark dangers, Europe seems remarkably passive. Having burst into action last fall, it does not seem to know what to do now that Iran has rebuffed its efforts. It is urging negotiations again, which is fine. But what will it tell Iran in these negotiations? What is the threat that it is willing to wield?

Europe isn't willing to put its money where its mouth is. The European Union wants to simply play negotiating games and to ask real nice that other nations behave. What does this all remind us of? Didn't Europe learn anything from World War II? The US can't be the loan enforcer of the world. Europe is going to have to step up or else another huge crisis will develop within the next few years.