Wednesday, August 11, 2004

With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?

Powerline zeroed in on a story by the Washington Times saying that Bin Laden is planning on a major assassination to signal major attacks here in the United States. A telling paragraph in the article was this:
"The goal of the next attack is twofold: to damage the U.S. economy and to undermine the U.S. election," the official said. "The view of al Qaeda is 'anybody but Bush.'"

Now that we know who Bin Laden wants to win the election.

I noticed another paragraph that was interesting to me:
The officials also said the terrorist group has begun using female members for preattack surveillance and possibly as suicide bombers, thinking that women will have an easier time getting past security checkpoints at airports, borders and ports.

I was just wondering...If they promise multitudes of virgins in paradise to male jihadists that give their lives, what are the women promised?