Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Signed affidavit

George Elliot has signed a sworn affidavit for his statements made in behalf of Swiftboat Veterans for truth. You can get a copy from here. It's part of a campaign to try and encourage TV stations to play their commercial on the air. Recently TV stations have been threatened with libel suits from Terry McAuliffe's attorneys if they aired the commercial.

There's no way that a libel suit will be brought against the TV stations. A libel suit would require John Kerry to actually testify under oath which he, of course, would not do. It's just a way to intimidate people from exercising their first amendment rights through force of government.

It's interesting that liberals cry when there are economic implications when they exercise free speech (ie Dixie Chicks) but have no problem using the government to silence their opponents. Please tell me what's wrong with this picture?